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On average, we sit about 7.7 hours a day.
Standing more often helps your heart, muscles, mood, and more.

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Standing improves your focus, reduces fatigue, and keeps your brain active.

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Precise, innovative engineering reduces wobbling issues by 80%.

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Introducing the

Actio Standing Desk

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The designers at Actio Desk have engineered a state-of-the-art standing desk to meet the needs of our modern lifestyle. The desk rises and lowers smoothly and effortlessly at the touch of a button. You control the height when you need to move and your desk does the rest. You can even program reminders for when it is time to adjust the height of your desk.

The functional and clean design of Actio Desk makes it a step above all the other height adjustable desks on the market today. Designed by engineers with over 30 years of experience in the metal fabrication field, a customer should feel confident when they purchase an adjustable height desk from Actio Desk. From the ultra-smooth lifting mechanism, to eco-friendly material, and to the precision design frame system, Actio Desk has truly designed a standing desk that suits today’s worker.

Make the way you work, work for you.

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Programmable Height Adjustment

If you think adjusting the height of your desk throughout the day will disrupt your work flow, think again. Actio Desk has made the movement of adjustable height desks above and beyond the standard by providing a smooth and quiet experience in mere seconds. With just a push of a button, see your desk rise and fall with very little effort. Along with ease, your desk will be stable and secure at every height. You can even pre-set your adjustable height desk so it will adjust to the precise height you prefer when you alternate between sitting and standing.

Engineering at Its Finest

Our engineers have over 30 years of experience in metal fabrication, and are committed to creating the most ergonomically efficient standing desk out there. Many of the adjustable desks on the market today have wobbling issues when the desk is in the standing position. Due to the public complaints regarding the stability of other US and China-made height adjustable desks, the engineers at Actio Desk have designed a footing that increases stability by 80% while still maintaining a clean, quiet, and polished style. Our sophisticated lifting system ensures balance and stability whether you’re standing or sitting.

Better Desk | Better Health

Health Benefits

Actio-Desk-Blonde-Silver-Regular-Angled-noPropsFor thousands of years, humans wandered the earth. Our environment demanded constant physical activity. Humans are meant to be in motion – the more motion, the more likely a healthy life. Because of our tech-based world, we now sit all day at a desk looking at a computer screen. The amount of sitting we do is shortening our lifespan, raising national obesity rates, and increasing our risk of cardiovascular disease. This is not what humans are meant to do. It’s not that we shouldn’t work hard, it’s that we should work differently. Alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day increases your circulation and alleviates muscle soreness caused by sitting.

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Environmentally Friendly & Recycled Materials

Our adjustable height desks aren’t just good for the consumer – they’re good for the environment. We strove to make this desk as eco-friendly as possible, from the recyclable aerospace aluminum used in the metal frame to the bamboo plywood tops free of formaldehyde or solvent-based paints. The 100% solid wood finish gives our desks a polished finish, but doesn’t compromise quality in the process. In addition to their sleek look, our desks are built with green technology for a low impact on the natural environment. Unlike some of the other standing desks on the market, the wood finish contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Why Actio Desk?

Just as our adjustable desks are unmatched in quality, our team is by no means average. Actio Desk has a staff who knows how to manage a company, build a superior product, skillfully problem solve, and guarantee that our customers are satisfied. We see what clients need and respond with personalized solutions. Actio Desk creates standing desks with the client in mind and aims to provide an unbeatable customer service experience throughout the entire process, from the time you browse to when you’re actually using your new desk. We’re not just a company that sells a product, we’re a company who cares about its clientele.

Between commuting to and from the office, working all day, eating meals, and relaxing with their favorite TV show, most people spend the vast majority of their day sitting. Although our bodies need rest to keep up with our demanding schedules, humans were not designed to sit all day. When anyone is sitting too long, they tend to become lethargic and no amount of caffeine or sleep can counter this feeling. However, periodically standing throughout the day leaves one feeling energized and contributes to improved overall wellness. Standing while working makes employees and students more alert, thus they become more active, engaged, and productive.


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