Actio Desk is a USA-based company, Veteran Owned and Operated, and devoted to building strong, height-adjustable desks that revolutionize the way we work, learn, and create. We believe in designing the optimal environment to meet the needs of modern workers and help them excel. Our standing desks are the way we help people work smarter and more efficiently. Each desk is ergonomically designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and usability, while improving one’s posture and lessening the risk of workplace injury.

Our staff has over 30 years experience in metal fabrication. We design our own desks using SolidWorks, a parametric 3D design software used primarily for industrial and mechanical design. It is equipped with engineering tools that allow us to do several analyses and simulations to ensure the greatest quality and craftsmanship. We even manufacture our own frames using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines.

Just as our adjustable desks are unmatched in quality, our team is by no means average. Actio Desk has a staff who knows how to manage a company, build a superior product, skillfully problem solve, and guarantee that our customers are satisfied.

We like to solve problems.

We see what clients need and respond with personalized solutions. For instance, due to the public complaints regarding the stability of other US and China-made height adjustable desks, we custom-built our desks to increase stability 80%. We create products with the client in mind and strive to provide an unbeatable customer service experience throughout the entire process, from the time you browse to when you’re actually using your new desk.

The people at Actio Desk love what they do and are incredibly excited to help you transform the way you work and live.


Veteran Owned & Operated