Work Differently, Work Better

We already know that standing is better for your health, but did you know it also positively affects your workflow?

When you sit for hours on end,

your posture gradually declines, leading to pain in your lower back, shoulders, and neck. Your body adjusts to your poor posture, and it can be difficult and tedious to correct it. Sitting also causes you to lose energy as your entire body slows down and stays there. Furthermore, it’s difficult to produce outstanding work when you’re uncomfortable, sore, or exhausted. You’ll spend more time shifting around than focusing on your assignment.

Rise in the Afternoon

Actio Desk provides a unique, dynamic solution to workplace ruts. By utilizing the innovative lifting system features, you are able to add some variety to your routine and in turn, give you the jolt of energy and alertness you need to remain inspired and concentrated. This is because standing improves your circulation, increases awareness, and reduces fatigue. You think better and no longer will you have to deal with the sluggishness that creeps in around 3:00PM. Simply program your desk to rise in the afternoon and you’ll snap back into attention. However, if you’re utilizing your standing desk throughout the day, you’re unlikely to hit a slump at all. Alternating between sitting and standing gives your body a break without taking you away from the task at hand.

Better Desk | Better Health

Take Action

Increasing productivity has always been a goal of companies and their workers. You want to remain inspired and energetic as you create. People may try all sorts of tips and tricks to up their productivity, but it’s not always that complicated. The way you physically approach a task can bring new life into your work. This is where height-adjustable desks make all the difference. Since working and creating are both proactive processes, it’s important to be in the proper frame of mind. Standing cues your brain to be active, while sitting is associated with rest and relaxation. By standing up, your body and mind know that it’s time to take action. Actio Desk provides a simple solution to help you stay mentally sharp, no matter how far you are into the workday.

Enhance Learning

Sedentary workers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from standing during the day. Standing while in the classroom actually improves attention, on-task behavior, alertness and classroom engagement. Students, especially younger ones, have a lot of energy to expend. They want to be standing and moving. A height-adjustable desk allows them to stay focused on the lesson and prevents them from falling asleep at their desk. Standing desks are an amazing choice for classrooms of the future.